Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!) (jay_nyasu_mint) wrote,
Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!)

Unexpected Favourites

Despite all of the amazing TV that was on around Christmas, is coming back soon, or i've gotten on DVD the most exciting thing for me at the moment is... Lark Rise to Candleford. Its highly predictable, and as twee as you can get, but I adore it. Even the Sex and the City/Heroes-esque narration doesn't get on my wick.

Its happened with games too. I've got a glut of highly-customisable games (my favourite type) at the moment; Little Big Planet, Spore, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Boom Blox. But the one I can't stop playing is Saints Row 2.

I've been having a ridiculous amount of fun playing as my Queens-latino-accented Transgendered (M2F) character. In a very thin boob tube, Butch dyke pink & blonde hair, one giant hoop earring, tiny pink hot pants, and flip-flops, taking part in a fantastic sandbox crime game (GTA4 is so dull in comparison) with the mini-games i've ever played; spraying a city with a septic tank! Streaking! Riding around in a flame-retardant suit on fire on a quad bike! And i've now unlocked the ability to have Eliza Dushku's stoner-chick come ride with me whenever I want, which is all you need from a game really.

Rather More Expected Favourites

My John Waters appreciation hit critical mass recently. I got Polyester, Pecker and his book Crackpot for Christmas, and in a very short space of time I'd feasted on them all, commentaries included, ordered his other book Shock Value, and finished that in double time too. I also managed to track down the Diane Linkletter short online, and downloaded Multiple Maniacs! Obsessed isn't the word. Ever since kicking things into gear with Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble last year i've finally gotten as up to speed as I should have been, seeing as gradually over the years (over all of my years) he's seeped into my life without me realising it.

Seeing as my only hope of seeing Hag in a Black Leather Jacket and Roman Candles is to go to one of his art shows in New York, i've always wanted to go to New York anyway, and Baltimore is only about 180 miles away from there, I'm giving serious thought to stalking him, getting him to sign my arm, and getting it as a tattoo. WHICH... isn't as crazy as it sounds as i've been racking my brain for a while now as to what would make my perfect 25th birthday tattoo in a year and a half.

Oh, thats an official goal by the way. I'm celebrating a quarter of a century on this planet with something on my left forearm. I've flitted between something Patrick Wolf/Kate Bush/lycany-wolfy-and-or-hounds-of-love/Old Englishy, possibly something geeky/gamery, a big old can of Ultra Clutch hairspray, or David Lochery & Mink Stoles Red & Blue haired villains from Pink Flamingos (possibly a simple version with just the red hair and pointy glasses of mink, and the blue hair and moustache of david)
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