Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!) (jay_nyasu_mint) wrote,
Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!)

I hadn't ever heard of Tonner dolls before, which isn't that surprising as I'm staunchly an action-figure kind of guy (save for my Ken-doll Superman and Sideshow Bride of Frankenstein) but after hearing that they've gotten the licence to do Doctor Who stuff i've been having a nose about on their website.

Think very, very deluxe Barbies.

The likenesses aren't always great, but the detailing is astounding, so I'm quite excited to see if they've got just the new series or classics planned too. Imagine the Sixth doctor!

Their Wizard to Oz stuff is to die for too... (gayest. statement. ever)

although its based on the movie versions, doesn't the Wicked Witch look uncannily, well, a bit, like Idina Menzel?

This one is just...

and just because...

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I love Tonner. I've wanted a Ron Weasley for a while, but Callum won't let me get one on account of them being i) wildly expensive and ii) looking uncannily like Chucky from Child's Play.

Their accessories are all shades of awesome, too. Check out Fawkes and Dobby, and the myriad of wizard-y shit in the Harry Potter. Eagerly anticipating a selection of sonic screwdrivers from through the ages.

Sign me up for a posable Donna Noble.

Cheerio, Michael. xxx
I didn't have a look very far down the Potter stuff - Harry looks like a middle-aged Aunt!