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I'd been expecting this version of Little Shop of Horrors to be a little crazier, given the presence of master gurner Sylvester McCoy, but it turned out to be a whole heap crazier.

ONE - It was a much smaller theatre than I'd anticipated, so even at four rows from the front everything was very, very close, so you're gonna feel things a lot more. Well, feel is a weird word. but you know what I mean.

TWO - The dentist was played by professional psycho Alex Ferns, a.k.a Trevor the Little-Mo-bothering wife beater from Eastenders. As you might guess he rather suited the role of a Sadistic gas-addicted dentist, and had a lot of very icky improvs like licking a freshly extracted tooth and rubbing his bare, flabby, stomach on Seymour's head (!!)

THREE - Sylvester McCoy being exactly as you'd expect. His hilarious attempt at a Jewish/American/Eastern European accent just being his normal accent a little bit higher, and the occasional sort of "oyyy" emphasis on words at the end of sentences. But I wouldn't have had it any other way.

FOUR - The Greek Chorus (Chiffon, Crystal, Ronnette) putting the Fierce in, uhm, Ultra-Fierce.

FIVE - The whole thing. Bit of a cop out putting this as one point really, but from the performances, to the amount of fresh little twists, improvs, and prop-gags they put into it, the whole thing was ramped up to the tits, Rocky Horror style. I never would have though that the previous version I'd seen was "restrained", given that its a black comedy about killer alien plants, but it really was. Perhaps I'm just forgetting, but I don't remember that version having comedy slo-mo fighting during "Skid Row" involving someone having a box put on their head and being repeatedly punched in said head-box, nor someone using their baby as a weapon to bludgeon a tramp.

SIX - Not so much with the crazy, but there were a few Doctor Who alumni in the cast alongside the obvious. Marvin Foon from Kylie Christmas was the voice of Audrey II! One of the greek chorus girls was in the first episode of Torchwood! And the bumbling British Sargent from 'Delta and the bannermen' played, amongst other things, a tramp.


WATCHMEN: The Movie Film Motion Picture.

Not much to say other than, as than - as the kind of fan of the comic book that is so over-the-top in my appreciation as to make it completely over-hyped and thus nothing but underwhelming for people who read it to see what all the fuss is about - I loved it. Mostly.

Its pretty much just a fun picture book for Watchmen fans, with an changed ending EggMcGuffin that I don't mind in theory (the EggMcGuffin in the book being a little far-fetched for audiences, I guess) but that I don't actually like in execution, as it robs it of all depicted bloodshed, and doesn't feel like it really "happened".

Non-fans won't have a clue, I suspect, and it won't have anywhere near the "OMG! Serious comic books exist??" impact that Dark Knight had, and it'll just fade away in time. But, to be selfish, I don't really care, as I'll happily lap up the three and a half hour version with Tales of the Black Freighter edited back in, and squee in my pants.


Dollhouse. Still watching. Still finding things to like about it (generally just the bits when it feels a bit like Gattaca, with the music) and scrunching up my face when it turns out that ALL MEN ARE EVIL AND WANT TO RAPE WOMEN, OR AT THE VERY LEAST CALL THEM BITCHES. Again.

The premise for this show is so open-ended. New character, new engagement every week. So why does it always feel the same?

Also, given the aforementioned Powerful Men Don't Like Women thing, why are they happy to spend millions on a female agent? Wouldn't said misogynists believe men would do a better job?
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