Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!) (jay_nyasu_mint) wrote,
Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!)


A couple of months before Christmas I realised that I'd nearly had the Sally Lockhart books a full year without having read them, so I did. Which kick-started me on a book-binge thats still going strong, and many books later I got around to Northern Lights, and am now just starting Subtle Knife, and I have to say...

Phillip Pullman is obsessed with condensation!

Every other window in the Lockhart books was streaming with water. And I recall a few choice bits from Dark Materials (so far) too.

Thats it.


Oh, well actually, heres another thought. How in the hell did they make a Hollywood Movie out of Northern Lights? I can't imagine that any of the best bits, or actual plot, are in it. Is the bear palace covered in rotting meat and poop at least? I don't know why that bit stood out to me so much, in a book filled with child murder.
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