Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!) (jay_nyasu_mint) wrote,
Mutterings, Musings and Moans (oh my!)

I got my Girls Aloud make-up box Serious-Business-Singles-Flight-Case-Thingy in the post today, reminding me that I completely forgot to blog about going to see them on tour in the middle of May. My first proper concert, to my eternal shame (leaving it so late to go and see a band, not who I went to be, obvs yo.)

It was quite a while ago now so lets just say booties were bumped to the sounds of "Something Kind of Ooh", I did what I’m sure everyone at their first concert does and swear blindly that one of them waved at me once (they were flying back from their little trip to the other stage and Nadine was waving at our section, everyone else was far too cool and/or busy awkwardly dancing to reply in kind, I did, with a massive grin on my face so she must have seen me, right? I've been assured this counts.) and then whinged at the price of the, admittedly gorgeous, programme on the way out.


Me desperately wanting to go to more gigs now. I was going to go to Latitude (Patrick Wolf! Grace Jones! Pet Shop Boys!) which didn't end up happening, which is an especially big pisser now that I've read that Patrick is going to do a Grace Jones cover, and premiere a new song which he might submit for Eurovision...

I did get to partially see and mostly hear Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster at Godiva fest this weekend (for which I took a lovely picnic and broke in my new lined foldable carry-handled picnic blanket - best thing I've ever purchased, just need a Red Riding Hood basket now) and I was rather unexpectedly taken with that.


Me suddenly finding lots of new music to like. And, scariest of all, they're all being heavily promoted, which does usually take the shine off things a bit (not in an indie shmindie way, just that you tend to get a bit sick of them before you've even had a chance to get into them) - Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes (who I kind of liked before but Daniel really cemented it), La Roux, VV Brown (who still counts despite not doing that well, I think), Lady GaGa - the bargain bin Grace Jones - is managing to make me more enthralled as everyone starts to get really fed up of her, and Sophie Ellis Bextor is back and everything!
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